Online timer with countdown

Here are just a few of the many reasons to use this free and simplistic countdown online timer:

  • Tracking the time you are able to sit quietly in meditation
  • Measuring how long it takes you to complete your current freelance project
  • Timing service people who are working in your home or yard
  • Setting a reminder to make a phone call
  • Seeing how long it takes a pizza to arrive after ordering it
  • Keeping track of the time that your children dedicate to schoolwork
  • Setting a timer to let you know when it’s lunchtime

There are endless other reasons that you may need to use this convenient and accurate online countdown timer. It works easily and precisely for any task you have in mind. It works equally well on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. There’s no limit to its usefulness!

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If you set and start the timer, it's settings (message, sound) for given time interval are automatically saved. Here is the list of saved timers. If you don't have any saved timer, we will show you some examples. You can activate one of them with just one click and everything is ready again.

What is an online timer?

It is a web tool that can be used for various purposes when you need to track a time interval. You don’t need a special device or to download anything. You just need an Internet connection and access to a web browser like Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. This online timer can measure time in hours, minutes, and seconds.

Setting a timer is simple and fast.

First, choose between “Hour Timer”, “Minute Timer”, and “Second Timer”. The hour timer allows you to choose one-hour increments between 1-12. The minute timer allows you to choose one-minute increments between 1-120. The second timer allows you to choose one-second increments between 1-90.

So let’s say that you want to remember to check on some food that you have in the oven in 45 minutes. You would go to the Minutes Timer, click on the dropdown menu, and select 45 minutes. The click “Go to Timer Settings”.

You’ll be taken to the timer settings page where you can enter a custom message for your timer. For example, you could add in the message: “Check the food in the oven!” Or you can leave the message box blank if you don’t want or need one.

Next, you select between the tones you want to sound when the timer countdown is complete. You can choose Tornado Siren if you need a loud reminder or a simple beep if you just want a gentle reminder. You can also choose the sound of a newborn baby, a sunny day, a bicycle horn, or a music box. There a sound for whatever mood you’re currently in!

When the timer counts down all the way to zero, your preset alarm tone will sound and your custom message will appear. Whenever you set a timer, it will be automatically saved for when you need to use it again. You can also create other timers as needed; as many as you like! You can go back any time and reactivate any of your saved timers with one simple click and no need to reset any of the variables unless you choose to.

You can click on one of your preset and saved timers to activate it but with a different message. For instance, if you wanted to reuse the 45-minute timer but change the custom message, you would just click on the 45-minute button and then add in your new custom message into the text box. You could change “Check the food in the oven!” to “Time for another 25 pushups!”.

You can also change the tone of the timer at any time you choose. For instance, you could change the tone from Tornado Siren to Music Box if you decided that you wanted a quieter reminder when the timer has counted all the way down to zero. It is completely customizable to whatever time, tone, and message you desire.

After you select the time you want to count down from, you can choose to either begin the timer or test it. If you want to hear the alarm tone that you are considering, then simply click on the “Test Timer” button. The app will count down from 5 seconds and then sound the alarm you are testing. When any preset alarm goes off, you can choose to shut it off, or snooze it for 5 seconds, 5 minutes, or 10 minutes.

If you don’t want to test the alarm tone, then you can simply choose the “Start Timer” button in order to launch the countdown that you have preset. If you like, you can click on Fullscreen to achieve a larger display that’s much easier to read. That’s all there is to it!

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