Online stopwatch

Your new online stopwatch is simple to use

It goes like this:

  • When you want to begin timing an event, you just click the START button.
  • The timer will begin counting time down to 1/100th of a second.
  • If you need to stop the timer without resetting it back to zero, then just click the PAUSE button.
  • When you want to pick it back up, just click the RESUME button.
  • When you’re finished timing the event, click the PAUSE button again to get the final time.
  • When you’re ready to time another event, click the RESET button to take the timer back to 00:00.
  • Enter into FULLSCREEN mode to enjoy a high-contrast, large display that you can easily see from across a large room.

That’s it! Simple, fast, accurate, dependable, and FREE!

START PAUSE RESUME Reset Fullscreen Finish

You can use this simple and quick stopwatch on Free-Online Clock for so many different purposes! No download required. No Email address needed. No credit card. And it is FREE!

Bookmark this page, and then, come back often whenever you need to time any event. Here are some of the most common uses for our fast and free stopwatch:

  • Keeping track of the hours you spend working on a freelance project
  • Tracking how long it takes you to complete a school assignment
  • Measuring how long you can hold a plank position
  • Timing how long you sit in meditation
  • Following timing directions in recipes
  • Timing a sporting event in real time

You see? There are numerous reasons why everyone needs a stopwatch, sometimes.

Let this one be yours! There’s no reason to look anywhere else online for a free stopwatch that requires no download.

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