Roll a Die

This fun, fast, and free Online Dice Rolling app was designed with your convenience and ease-of-use in mind.

To use the app, simply enter your choice for the number of dice you want to be rolled. You can roll between 1-5 dice at a time. Then you just click the “Roll” button and Viola! The die or dice are rolled and you get your results instantly. You can use this cool tool as often as you like. You don’t have to download anything, give over any personal info, enter a credit card, or anything else!

People have been rolling dice since before recorded history began. Rolling a single die or more than one dice serves as a basis for many games of chance, like the popular Las Vegas game “craps”, for instance. And then there’s the popular board game, “Yahtzee” that involves rolling five dice simultaneously as each player attempts to generate the best poker hands.

Of course, there are numerous other games that use dice as central components. However, there are also mathematical uses for dice rolling. Throughout history, dice rolling has been used to generate random numbers and sequences. Like flipping a coin, you can use online dice rolling to produce unpredictable numbers whenever you need them.

Whatever your purposes are for needing to roll the virtual dice, it is all good here! Please roll away, and then, share us with your friends.


The dice was rolled 4340 times