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Do you need to flip a coin?

We all do sometimes and most people no longer carry coin or paper money on their persons. That’s when this handy web app comes into play. It allows you to flip a digital coin any time you like. It’s free to use and always generates a random outcome. You can be sure that your coin flip will not be biased in any way!

Why would you need to flip a coin? You might need to make a tough decision and can’t decide which of two options to choose from. So you can assign one option to be the head side of the coin, and set the other option to be tails. Then, you flip the coin and go with the solution that is randomly provided.

Coin flips can also be used to settle arguments. For instance, two people may be debating which of their two favorite restaurants to eat at. One restaurant could be represented by heads and the other tails. Flip the coin, note if it lands on heads or tails, and then, go with the assigned option. This takes the guesswork out of the decision making process and makes taking a definitive action simpler.

It is very easy to flip a coin 3, 10 or 10000 times here.

Just choose whether you want to flip the Russian ruble, pound sterling, or euro. Click the coin you want to flip and the app will redirect you to the flipping page. You will be shown the head and the tail of the coin toward the bottom of the page. That way, you are sure which is which before you flip.

Then, click on the “Toss the Coin” button and the coin will begin spinning. It will stop flipping and rest on either heads or tails. That’s it. Coin flipped!

You can flip the coins as many times as you would like to. You can flip different coins too. If you want to change coins, just click on the “Change the Currency” button to be taken back to the selection page. It’s easy, fun, and fast!

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